Personal safety is Prime Engineering's #1 priority. We’re all professional colleagues. But safety is personal and our commitment to it reflects our family culture. We promote a safe, healthy, and secure work environment for employees and visitors, preventing accidents, violence, threats, harassment, and intimidation. Our commitment to safety has earned us an “A” rating from ISNetworld and similar agencies.


We minimize workplace hazards by employing:

  • A Field Safety Manual providing detailed instructions for managers, supervisors, and employees to conduct business in a safe and healthy manner consistent with current law, rule, and technology.
  • OSHA-certified Safety Coordinators with more than 75 years of total experience.
  • A constant focus on Prevention, Awareness, and Training to ensure a healthy, safe workplace and job site.
  • Periodic training on personal safety, jobsite safety, IT security, and equipment safety.
  • Personal Protective Equipment (hard hats, steel-toed boots, reflective safety vests, safety goggles, safety gloves, etc.) issued to employees as needed.