Thomas Gambino, PE


There’s nothing worse for clients and contractors alike than a curling floor. For those of us in the business of crafting quality floors, our goal is to create something so smooth, so durable, that you could push a curling stone across it with nary a buckle.

For years we have been refining the design of heavy-duty concrete paving for industrial and transportation facilities by:

  • increasing the quality control on the subbase
  • increasing the compressive strength
  • controlling the water/cement ratio
  • selecting ideal mixtures of sand and aggregates
  • reinforcing only irregularly shaped slabs
  • controlling the joint spacing length-to-width ratios
  • modifying the methods for transferring wheel loads between slabs
  • using additives in the concrete mix to enhance everything from
  • workability to shrinkage reduction

The attached article from this month’s Concrete International is an informative summary of how to build a state-of-the-art floor by reducing your construction and maintenance costs and eliminating curling…from floors, not the Olympics.

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