Companies working in these markets are whipsawed with cross-purpose headwinds. On one hand, policy leaders lean toward deregulation to increase competition and reduce compliance costs. On the other, they demand increased attention to infrastructure safety, as the risks of domestic, foreign, and state-sponsored terrorism demand our attention. All the while, owners and shareholders expect better Return on Investment as the markets continue to reach new heights.

Companies need partners who can appreciate these complexities and, for three decades, Prime is the partner they’ve selected to help them achieve their objectives.

Prime designs facilities for power and utility companies, private firms, and public-sector institutions. We build pilot facilities, greenfield plants, and associated infrastructure, while also helping clients expand capacity or preserve existing assets.

Prime brings considerable technical, business, and regulatory expertise to every facet of the power and communications industries. We understand industry environment and regulations, advising our clients on long-term capital investment and planning. We help clients expand into new markets, modernize or open new facilities, shift resource allocations, reduce operational and maintenance costs, and improve safety for their staff and the public they serve.

We work with a wide variety of major clients who shape industry markets and provide innovative solutions to today’s power and communications challenges. From design and safety to data storage and route logistics, Prime can help you achieve your objectives in a dynamic environment.

Let us help you achieve your Prime goals in Communications, Power, & Utilities.

Technical Capabilities

  • Airport and airfield electrical
  • Control systems
  • Backup generation
  • Backup power systems
  • Data centers
  • Electrical distribution and grounding
  • Fire alarm systems
  • High-voltage power distributions
  • LED lighting systems
  • Lightning protection
  • Lighting systems
  • Medium-voltage power distribution
  • Motor control centers
  • Power quality TVSS installations
  • Primary loops and networks
  • Process power
  • Route surveys
  • Subsurface utility engineering (SUE)
  • Switch centers
  • UPS systems

Featured Case Studies

First Solar Civil and Land Development Program

Prime is providing civil design, plan review, erosion control, and surveying services on behalf of the First Solar energy plant in Butler, GA.

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