The energy industry is renowned for wild economic swings. One moment we’re at the mercy of international markets, the next we’re driving industry trends for the world. Similarly, government regulations sway from laissez-faire independence to strictly enforced regulatory mandates. It’s a challenging industry that demands technical knowledge, a global perspective, and a clear understanding of financial success.

Prime Engineering provides full-service project development, design, implementation, and consulting services to clients at multiple levels of the oil & gas market. We maximize our clients’ Return on Investment while listening to community input, minimizing environmental impact, and ensuring government regulatory compliance. Time invested up front yields more predictable returns down the road. Our expertise in capital planning, project implementation, regulatory negotiation, and commercial strategy allows us to advise our oil & gas clients, not just on complex technical concepts, but also on the broader impact of overall project value.

But that detailed planning doesn’t mean that we ignore important timeline considerations. Our consultants prepare reliable AFE cost estimates, project scheduling, and support documentation in a fraction of traditional timeframes. Prime’s engineers and consultants are active in ILTA, API, and NFPA and are intimately familiar with industry, federal, and local project requirements throughout the industrialized regions of North America.

Let us help you achieve your Oil & Gas Prime goals.

Technical Capabilities

  • Additive system and blending
  • Atmosphere bulk storage
  • Blending systems (biodiesel, butane, ethanol)
  • Compressed gas bulk storage
  • FEED studies
  • Fire protection systems
  • Heated fluid storage
  • Master planning
  • Pipeline services
  • Pipeline terminals
  • Port terminals
  • Process definition and programming
  • Ship and barge dock
  • Site selection
  • Transload facilities
  • Truck & rail loading and unloading

Featured Case Study

Terminal Design & Construction

Prime Engineering designed and prepared construction documents for a new midstream oil products terminal to be located on a greenfield site near Cotulla, Texas. Prime also foresaw construction management by furnishing onsite services and acting as the Plains All American Pipeline’s authorized representative.

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