Stormwater management has taken on a new focus for families and communities around the world. What was once considered a hidden nuisance that only rarely captured our attention has become an issue of considerable importance. As our climate changes, it seems that the rains come harder, the droughts last longer, and the damage created by rising water increases at an exponential rate. From Houston to Ellicott City and from Council Bluffs to New Orleans, stormwater flooding and water drainage has impacted our communities’ homes and infrastructure.

For decades, Prime’s engineers have helped towns, villages, cities, and counties anticipate and solve stormwater management issues.  Our expertise helps communities design, modify, and repair culverts, weirs, dikes, and drainage systems for public and private entities. We map existing stormwater structures, repair defective structures on an expedited basis, and design new collection and drainage systems for clients who demand cost-conscious technical excellence.

We can’t control the weather. But we can help communities protect their citizens from the damage that weather—and human behavior—can inflict.

Let us help you achieve your Prime Stormwater goals.

Technical Capabilities

  • Box culverts
  • Containment/detention ponds
  • Filtration
  • Flood control
  • Floodway studies
  • Hydrology studies
  • Mapping and GIS
  • Permitting
  • Storm servers
  • Stormwater treatment and water quality
  • Stream restoration
  • Weirs

Featured Case Study

Infrastructure Improvements Program

The City of College Park contracted Prime Engineering (Prime) to perform a comprehensive redesign of its stormwater infrastructure as part of a larger initiative to redevelop the area near Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. Goals of this initiative included promoting the growth of the neighborhood, attracting businesses, and capitalizing on the area’s proximity to the airport. To accomplish these goals, a thorough renovation of the area’s antiquated failing storm system was critical, however, the combined solution was designed not only to fix the stormwater system’s deficiencies, but also to treat runoff and reduce erosion using new, environmentally friendly technology.

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