It’s a more precious commodity than ever before. As a society, we rarely let faucets run continuously, leave sprinklers on until streams of water cascade down our streets, shower forever, or even wash our cars every Saturday morning. Water conservation is mandatory as our summers heat up, our crops are endangered by heavy downpours and extended drought, and our communities invest more heavily in water conservation.

At Prime Engineering, with over a quarter-century of expertise, we specialize in delivering premier water, wastewater, and stormwater solutions for diverse clients. Our comprehensive services encompass selecting and constructing reservoir sites, engineering raw well water fields, developing desalinization facilities, designing wastewater treatment systems, and creating citywide water treatment systems.

Our reliable track record of delivering on-budget, on-schedule systems has earned us the trust of entities like the DeKalb and Gwinnett counties. Simultaneously, our engineers excel in addressing stormwater management challenges, offering solutions for culverts, weirs, and drainage systems. While we can’t control the weather, we empower communities to protect citizens from its impacts. Let Prime Engineering help you achieve your water, wastewater, and stormwater goals.

Our Water Resources Division offers comprehensive capabilities that span a spectrum of specialties to address the diverse needs of municipal and private clients.

Alternative Water Supplies:
Prime Engineering offers end-to-end services, including the identification of optimal reservoir sites, the engineering of raw well water fields, and the creation of desalinization facilities.

Wastewater Collection, Treatment, and Reuse:
We excel in designing large- and small-scale wastewater collection, treatment, and reuse systems, incorporating innovative solutions for sustainable water management. We also possess exceptional design skills for rehabilitation or designing new lift stations.

Water Treatment, Distribution, and Supply:
Our municipal experts have developed city- and countywide water treatment systems, designing thousands of miles of waterline and numerous pump stations throughout the United States.

Our Capabilities:

  • Alternative Water Supplies:
    • Basin studies
    • Desalinization
    • Intake
    • Reservoirs
  • Wastewater Collection:
    • Force mains
    • Gravity sewer collection systems
    • Pump stations
    • Sanitary sewer evaluation and mapping
  • Wastewater Treatment:
    • Booster pumps
    • Hydrology/hydraulic modeling
    • Storage tanks
    • Treatment and composting
  • Wastewater Reuse:
    • Infrastructure and pumping systems
    • Rate structure evaluations
    • Reuse master planning
    • Treatment facility upgrades
  • Water Distribution:
    • Hydraulic analysis
    • Rate studies
    • Storage facilities
    • Transmission and distribution system design
    • Booster Pump Stations

Additionally, our technical capabilities extend to stormwater management, covering box culverts, containment/detention ponds, filtration, flood control, floodway studies, hydrology studies, mapping and GIS, permitting, storm servers, stormwater treatment and water quality, stream restoration, and weirs.

At Prime Engineering, we are dedicated to helping you achieve your water resources and stormwater goals.

Featured Case Study

Joseph E. Boone Boulevard Redevelopment, Waterline Design, and Sidewalk Design

Prime is designing a road dieting plan for a 1.25-mile boulevard, including sidewalk design, water quality enhancements, bicycle lane additions, and streetscape improvements. Boone Boulevard runs through a transformation neighborhood just northwest of the new Atlanta Falcons dome. The City wants to revive the neighborhood and is therefore investing in new road and park improvements in the area. To ensure maximum funding, it is essential that the project be completed within 360 calendar days of Notice to Proceed.

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The City of College Park contracted Prime Engineering (Prime) to perform a comprehensive redesign of its stormwater infrastructure as part of a larger initiative to redevelop the area near Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. Goals of this initiative included promoting the growth of the neighborhood, attracting businesses, and capitalizing on the area’s proximity to the airport. To accomplish these goals, a thorough renovation of the area’s antiquated failing storm system was critical, however, the combined solution was designed not only to fix the stormwater system’s deficiencies, but also to treat runoff and reduce erosion using new, environmentally friendly technology.

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