Prime Engineering, Inc., a fully integrated planning, surveying, engineering, architecture, procurement, and construction firm, had made several important changes to its senior leadership. These changes became official on May 1st.

Tom Gambino, Prime’s founder and current President, has made the well-deserved transition from President to Founder. Tom launched Prime Engineering 32 years ago with a vision that bigger was not always better, quality matters, and transparency is the hallmark of a successful company. He built Prime by hiring great talent, affording everyone the opportunity to tackle the most challenging projects, and providing the tools to advance one’s professional development. Tom’s track record of success speaks for itself, and Prime continues to distinguish itself by the projects it welcomes and the company it keeps. He will remain an active contributor and consultant to the Prime Brand.

One of Tom’s outstanding attributes is his ability to seek out and acquire top talent. That focus on high-quality talent leads to our second announcement. Brandon Enochs has succeeded Tom as the President and CEO of Prime Engineering. When he joined Prime in November 2017, Brandon brought more than 12 years of professional experience as a regional office leader, senior project manager, and design engineer. A registered civil engineer, he has successfully led multidisciplinary teams to design and develop projects in the petrochemical, rail, and other industries where complex projects required design development, management, and execution.

Once here, Brandon immediately focused both on growing the organization geographically (Pittsburgh, Huntington, and Cincinnati) and on continuing the trend of seeking out and acquiring top talent. In addition, Brandon focused on operational improvements to the business during his tenures as Market Segment Manager, Vice President, and Chief Operating Officer. Finally, a “focus on our people” has been a guiding principle as he moved through the ranks, one that he will continue as President and CEO.

The Executive Assistant for the Prime Engineering leadership team is Courtney Lutz. She holds an aPHR certification in human resources from HRCI and brings more than 10 years of experience in operations and human resources.

“This passing of the baton reflects Tom Gambino’s passion for continuing the Prime Engineering legacy,” said Enochs. “He’s always made clear that Prime is bigger than one person and this smooth leadership transition reflects the clarity and strategic focus of his success. He has made Prime a pre-eminent brand in the Architecture/Engineering/Construction (A/E/C) industry, and I look forward to carrying on that vision through care for our clients and employees, a focus on technology, and adaptability in a rapidly evolving market environment.” he said. “We look forward to achieving our continued growth and excellence in 2022 and well beyond.”