Construction sounds simple to some. Find someone who’s good with their hands. Grab some blueprints and tools. Build something according to the printed instructions. Move on to the next project.

But anyone with construction management experience knows that construction is anything but simple. It requires depth, integration, knowledge, foresight, and the ability to work under tight deadlines and lean budgets…and be good with your hands. It ain’t easy, friend.

That’s why Prime Engineering construction management experts have proven to be so valuable to our clients. We don’t just show up and hammer out a project. We remain trusted business partners to our clients from concept to completion…and beyond.

Prime’s experts remain connected to and invested in clients’ projects long after the final designs have been approved. Our construction management team is led by professionals with decades of field and project construction management experience. Our time-tested construction management process integrates cost estimating, scheduling, financial forecasting, risk management, and change management to help our clients achieve their operational and financial objectives. We not only guard against failure, we work proactively to ensure success. Hiring Prime is akin to having a second insurance policy. We often see problems before they occur and help our clients proactively resolve them, always keeping safety, quality, and your business objectives at the forefront of our efforts.

Prime has full-time resident engineer/inspectors ready for assignment to handle projects of any size. Our inspectors remain on site as for as long as necessary to observe all construction contractor activities. We provide a valuable second set of experienced eyes on any project, able to seamlessly consult and advise both our clients and their contractors to achieve project objectives.

What’s your Prime Construction Management Goal?

Projects and Services

  • Change order evaluation
  • Compliance monitoring
  • Field observation
  • Operations and maintenance manual development
  • Operator training
  • Owner’s representation
  • Pre-construction conference attendance
  • Punchlist preparation
  • Record drawings
  • RFI response
  • Shop drawing review


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