It’s in our name. It’s in our heritage. It’s in our DNA. For 30 years, Prime Engineering has earned a reputation for excellence in the engineering industry. Led by award-winning engineers, we serve as a start-to-finish partner throughout the Engineering-Procurement-Construct (EPC) lifecycle, from initial evaluation through construction closeout. We consistently deliver high-quality projects on time, on budget, and with a record of safety and quality. Those characteristics are our foundational hallmarks.

Rather than focusing solely on project design, Prime’s integrated EPC Project Delivery System includes five steps to ensure maximum client Return on Investment:

Business Analysis

Before a project is greenlighted, Prime evaluates assets and corporate structures to develop a funding and budgeting model.

Feasibility Study

Before a client commits resources to a project, we undertake a feasibility study evaluating the project from both a technical standpoint and in terms of short- to mid-term Return on Investment and long-term growth potential.

Capital Planning and Financing Options

Prime management is qualified to advise on project finances, from both the sponsor’s and lender’s perspective. Our economic model incorporates our clients’ individual costs profile and a detailed forecast of product pricing and volume. Prime evaluates the impact of financial instruments and structures projects to attract favorable lending terms and strategic investment partners.

Project Design

Once a project has been approved and structured to be financially optimal, Prime Engineering assembles a multidisciplinary engineering team composed of leaders in architectural, civil, electrical, fire protection, mechanical, structural, and related disciplines.

Project Execution

Prime’s construction management specialists provide an extra level of senior oversight and expertise during bidding, procurement, and construction.

Engineering is the cornerstone of our firm. We combine the technical sophistication of a large firm with the client focus and individual attention of a small firm, and always with a systemic focus on business success.

We can help you achieve your objectives. What’s your Prime Engineering goal?

Projects and Services

  • Civil, mechanical, structural, MEP/fire protection design
  • Construction management
  • Cost estimating, management
  • Feasibility studies
  • Field services
  • Quality assurance/quality control
  • Scheduling
  • Startup and commissioning
  • Validation


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