Like the weather, the only certainty in environmental regulation is that if you wait a few minutes, it’s likely to change. Navigating that dynamic environment is challenging.  Misunderstanding or not complying with regulatory guidance can be exceedingly costly. There is little margin for error.

Prime Engineering’s environmental experts can help you understand and navigate these obstacles in a conscientious and cost-effective fashion. Our specialists offer site assessments, underground and aboveground storage tank compliance, soil and groundwater assessments, tank closure and remediation, and wetlands evaluations.

With decades of technical and regulatory experience acquiring necessary permits from local, state, and federal agencies, we get clients the permits they need, when they need them. Thanks to our familiarity with permitting regulations, we often submit permit-worthy designs ahead of schedule – allowing us to acquire them in as little as half of the conventional time.

While speed is important, it’s not the only important variable. There is the bigger picture of environmental regulation. We get it. It’s our Earth too, so our efficiency never supplants our expertise. We consider every aspect of a project while embarking upon the permitting process to ensure that we meet or exceed environmental requirements.

Environmental regulations are serious business. Shouldn’t you partner with an expert to ensure that you protect your company and our environment?

What’s your Prime Environmental goal?

Projects and Services

  • 404 permitting
  • Air permits
  • Environmental studies
  • Groundwater monitoring and remediating
  • Historical, cultural, and archaeological
  • National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permits
  • Site investigations
  • Soil and groundwater assessments
  • Soil remediation
  • Spill prevention, control, and countermeasures plan
  • State Environmental Protection Division permitting
  • Stream buffers
  • Underground storage tank compliance, removal, and replacement
  • Wastewater effluent
  • Wetlands studies


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