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I’m not new to engineering, but I am new to social media. Let’s face it, most people of my generation (and in our industry) weren’t wired to blog. We’re busy. We’re focused. We’re working with clients. We’re trying to earn a living. And we’re trying to achieve some sort of work/life balance. A quick glance at most of our calendars won’t yield “blogging” penciled in anywhere between 7:30 a.m. and 7:30 p.m.

But I try not to let my generation define my actions and I’ve become persuaded that blogs can serve a very useful purpose. Our new PrimeTime Blog isn’t for selling you services or competing with the Kardashians for attention or delivering an academic discourse on how to design buildings or businesses.

It is, however, intended to inform. Written by me and my colleagues here at Prime Engineering, PrimeTime is intended to deliver useful and occasionally provocative information. Our goal is to share (without divulging competitive secrets) our thoughts and perspectives on the issues we all face.

We’ll discuss industry trends and best practices, using our own projects and experiences to illustrate.

This isn’t a one-way lecture, however. We want it to be a conversation with you: our friends, our colleagues, our clients…even our competitors. If you like what we share, tell us. If you disagree with our perspectives, also tell us. If you’ve got ideas or commentary for other topics, suggest away. We want a dialogue, not a monologue.

We’re proud to be players in a highly respected industry and we hope that by participating in the conversation, we can continue to make it an industry that future generations aspire to join.

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